Term & Condition

Enrollment Terms & Conditions and Agreement:

Registration Process and eligibility criterion:

  • Children between ages 6-12 years can participate. Participating child be 6 years if age as on 1st April 2014
  • The enrollment fee is $249, other charges are towards the grooming and personality development of the child. This includes 3 fun activity workshops, participation in finale fashion show and support kids.
  • Children can register only for the finale fashion show. This will include one session of grooming and choreography and finale fashion show.
  • The selection of the child is solely at the discretion of the organizer(s)
  • All children are expected to carry two photographs and age proof at the time of workshop


  • The Workshop will last for a period 3 days. The dates, venue and the content of the event are subject to change . The organizers can replace or remove any item, person or provision at their discretion.
  • Lunch will be provided to all kids from 11th Dec to 13th Dec at the venue


Fees for all programs, including special programs can be found in the form. There will be no refund of the fees once the child has registered for the workshop.

Methods of payment:

All payments are to be made online through our website. Or pick up request can be sent to info@internationalkidsfestival.com

Media Usage:

The organizers are free to use the pictures and video clips of the event and participants for promotion in Newspapers, Magazines, TV, Digital, Advertisements and other media platforms for publicity purpose without prior notice

Responsibility & Liability:

My child has the permission to participate in all programs, events within or outside the venue. I understand that there might be risks connected with some of the activities that are conducted at the workshop, However, I release brainstorm Entertainment and its Directors, staff and all employees from any legal actions or claims which the child or I, as his/her parent or guardian, have or might have, for any damage or injury to my child or loss or damage of personal property as a result of being a participant at International Kids festival or from participating in any activity that results in damage or injury to my child or loss or damage of personal property.


The workshop module will be designed by the experts and will be conducted by their trained personal.


The International Kids Festival is the sole property of Brainstorm Entertainment and all the events, pictures, videos, etc, of this is the sole propriety right of Brainstorm Entertainment and can be used by them at their discretion. Brainstorm Entertainment is free to reproduce/ publish/ photograph or video record my child for advertising and promotional purposes.

Medical Authorization:

In case of any emergency I hereby give permission to the physician selected by the Brainstorm Entertainment to conduct the examination and First Aid to the child.

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